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Remember the joy of pressing fallen leaves between two books and finding them days later flat, crisp and ready to be displayed?

Bring back a bit of crafty nostalgia this fall and make use of those fallen leaves blanketing your front yard with leaf pressing. All you need is a few leaves you like, a thick book and some wax paper.

First comb your yard (Or your neighbor's yard — unless you think they'll mind you removing a few pesky leaves. Heck, they might want to give you a few bags full of them.) for leaves free of tears or insect damage. Next, press the leaves between two pieces of paper to flatten and dry out as moisture is wicked away by the paper. You can use the weight of an old phone book, or encyclopedia. Now the hard part — don't peak for a week to 10 days!

Then carefully remove your dried leaves and place between two pieces of wax paper. Put an old rag over the wax paper and slowly run an iron back and forth over the cloth to melt the wax. Slowly, lift the cloth to see if the wax has melted and sealed your perfect leaf. Once the wax has cooled, cut out the individual leaves sealed between the wax paper.

What comes next is up to you — use sealed leaves for kids to make collages, or frame them for a touch of DIY fall decor in your dining room.