ASK THE DOCTORS: Bladder pain's origins remain a mystery

Q: What can be done about interstitial cystitis, or bladder pain syndrome? I'm told there's no cause or cure, and that some doctors don't even believe it exists.

HEALTH TAKE-AWAY: Opioid epidemic drives move toward safe alternatives

Bane of middle age: New help for blurry close-up vision

Robin Anish: Become a picky produce shopper with these tips

I'm a discriminating produce shopper. I sniff, squeeze, inspect, hoist and often reject. Actually, persnickety better describes my behavior. I notice other shoppers just grabbing handfuls of string beans and tossing them into a bag and buying them …

Guinness Cake: Pour yourself a stout - for baking

Serve a rustic, hearty St. Patrick's Day dish


Restoring cabinet veneer may take more than elbow grease

Q: My kitchen cabinets have a veneer that has rotted from moisture in certain places. How can I restore the cabinet panels to their original finish?A: If indeed it is a veneer issue — and there is some doubt about that among several …

Fairy gardens captivate imaginations of all ages

A set of little wings. Ceramic fountains. Tiny versions of ornate cottages and brick walkways fit for the English countryside. These are just some of the whimsical decorations that adorn fairy gardens. When such miniature decorations are paired with …

Tricks to save money on your property taxes

Forget about keeping up with the Joneses. This time of year you want your house to be as crummy as possible. Why? Because it's property tax assessment time, which means it's also assessment appeal time. And if you can successfully argue that your …

Get Outside: Winter trail running a satisfying challenge

As the weather continues to oscillate between slush and mud, getting outdoors may seem like more trouble than it's worth. But for some, the prime time for trail running has just begun. With sparse snow patches and biting temperatures, outdoor …

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Flocks of cardinals at feeders not that uncommon

Q: I recently noticed something I hadn't seen before. On March 11, I saw a flock of cardinals ground feeding beneath our bird feeder in Pittsfield. There were five males and a female. Is it unusual for cardinals to flock like this?— Florian, …

Mud season will be back

Editor's note: It wasn't that long ago, when Tina wrote this piece, that it appeared mud season had arrived early. Naturally, as soon as we decided to run this column this week, it snowed two feet. But that snow must eventually melt, and when it …
'Moonlight' wins best picture at botched Academy Awards

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Oscar winner, take two.Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight" — not, as it turned out, "La La Land" — won best picture at the Academy Awards in a historic Oscar upset and an unprecedented fiasco that saw one winner swapped …

Oscars flap eclipses 'Moonlight' win, but civility reigns

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