Random kindness

On April 22 at approximately 1:15 in the afternoon, one of the Bennington Rescue crews decided to head to the Market Wagon in an effort to hopefully grab a quick lunch in between calls. The crews ordered their lunch at the counter and after receiving their food headed to be checked out. The crew members were met with a great surprise when trying to settle their bill. The Market Wagon staff told them, "You will not be needing that (money) today, you are all set."

The crew learned that an anonymous person had paid for all of their lunches. This is an unexpected and random act of kindness, and it does not go unnoticed. We may never know who completed such a kind act, but we hope this message and our thanks gets back to them. This small act really brightened our day! This type of generosity in this area never ceases to amaze me. We are happy to be a part of such a great community. Thank you.

— Forest Weyen, MBA, NRP, executive director, Bennington Rescue Squad