To the Editor:

The Manchester Selectboard will soon be deciding on the OPEN flag issue that has been dogging the boards for the past year. To recap: last year a few business owners complained about the long-time ban on OPEN flags and asked for a change. Ironically, the proposed plan that the Planning Commission has drafted is so restrictive that none of the business owners who complained in the first place would qualify for one! To fly an OPEN flag, the storefront must be difficult to see from the street, or the business operates with limited or irregular hours. With conditions that strict, doesn't a U.S. flag (which has always been allowed) satisfy the need for visibility? This new regulation excludes most businesses and will only lead to enforcement problems. In the end, I hope the Selectboard will see that maybe our old ordinance that bans OPEN flags isn't so bad after all, at least it treats all businesses equally.

Steve Dunning