Kudos to BSD board on recent action

I would like to express a very welcomed "kudos" to the Bennington School Board. It is about time a school board stood up and took a stand against Mr. Culkeen and Ms. Leep. Myself and four other employees of Pownal Elementary School have lost their jobs as of July 2016 . You see, Pownal owns their own school buses and Pownal also has their own mechanic, that lives five minutes from the Pownal school. Two of the four employees also work in the building daily. All of this sounds perfect in case of any emergency right? Wrong. Our school board started off strong, determined to keep our drivers employed. Mr. Culkeen's side bar comment at our school board meeting was "I would not bet my mortgage on it." That was the most unprofessional comment to have been said knowing four dedicated employees would be losing their income. It let me know who exactly was in charge! Unfortunately, our school board gave up way too easy. I feel as if they threw us under our own buses. So my hat goes off to you, Bennington School Board members.

— Lisa Strohmaier Pownal