To the Editor:

A big thank you goes out to Thrifty Attic from LVRS and LTR. Over the years Thrifty Attic has been very generous with their financial support of both organizations.

Londonderry Technical Rescue received $ 2,000 for which a new Dell computer, with a 17 inch screen, will be placed in Rescue 1 truck. Included with the hardware a gps software program was purchased and installed. The remainder of the grant was spent to equip the MCI (Mass Casuality Incident) trailer with LED lighting and a new marine deep cycle battery with a charger back up.

Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad received a separate grant for $2600.00. A "Toughbooks" computer that is near indestructible and capable of being converted to a touch screen tablet was purchased for A-2 ambulance. In addition, portable pulse oximeters were purchased for EMT'S First Responders who carry oxygen in their jump kits. These portable units will regulate the correct amount of oxygen that a patient needs.

LVRS serves the tri-mountain towns of Londonderry, South Londonderry, Weston, Peru, Landgrove, Windham, Jamaica, Winhall, and Stratton.

Robert Rice



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