To the Editor:

Once again how lucky, how blessed we are to be celebrating the 40th year of heavenly music brought to us by the Manchester Music Festival. I for one sometimes close my eyes and just listen, wondering perhaps, am I in Carnegie Hall?

Thanks to the never ending passions of Carol Glenn, Eugene List, Michael Rudiakov and now Ariel Rudiakov, the festival has survived some very challenging moments and, as a result has grown from them.

Of course we must also never forget the financial support we received from hundreds of individuals and organizations. A noted word of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Combe who helped lead the way.

This past Monday my wife and I enjoyed the students' concert, one of seven held each year. We continue to be amazed at their growing talents. Each year it seems that they are even more talented than the year before.

Don't walk. Run to the next student concert. You will be pleased. I guarantee.

Hall DeBona