To the Editor:

To Education Secretary Armando Vilaseca:

I must state that from my perspective the report of the Public & Independent Schools Study Committee failed to deliver useful information that I was looking forward to receiving, and it reads to me as if this can be largely attributed to the chairmanship.

I had sincere hopes that we would receive some valuable information from the summer study group, particularly concerning the performance of our independent schools, as compared with our public schools, in educating our kids.

It does not seem unreasonable to me to consider that "consider both the opportunities and challenges" must include some analysis of the academic performance of independent schools. It has been my observation that parents have an uncanny ability to place their students in schools that will provide them the academic services they need, in an environment that is conducive to their academic progress and achievement, regardless of whether the school is a public or independent entity.

It is true that those parents may not get to vote on the budget of the Independent School, but they DO have a very important vote. They can place their student elsewhere.

I think that your recommendations would be an intrusion by the State that would be a denial of local community will. Local community will is an important ingredient in the fabric of a good school.

Yours sincerely,

Rep. Charles (Tim) Goodwin

Windham-Bennington-Windsor Jamaica, Stratton, Winhall, Londonderry, Weston