To the Editor:

Perhaps Governor Shumlin and Congressman Welch should rethink 'when you buy online, you're not supporting Vermont." I'm writing on behalf of all enterprising Vermonters who contribute to the state's economy via their online merchandising.

I'm a native Vermonter and film producer who, as Tell Tale Productions, proudly creates as sells state history, documentary DVDs online as These four-season Vermont products are made by Vermonters, about Vermonters. With the click of a TV remote, viewers are transported to adventures and anecdotes from a variety of people ranging from former Governor Philip Hoff, to noted historians, and regular everyday folks. Several hundred Vermonters have escorted us to places and events in 47 productions, over the past decade. Though these DVDs can be purchased in some local stores, museums and appearances at local shows (we support Rutland Train Show every year), the majority of sales now come from the website.

So, how does this website-based Vermont company contribute to the local economy and leave nearly every dollar in-state? Vermont-based Tamarack Media creates and maintains the website, Paul Gittlesohn and his Videosyncracies employees professionally author, master, duplicate and photoshop our beautiful DVD covers and disks. Cards and labels have been printed by Winoosky Press and Creative Labels of Vermont; while our small advertising budget is spend on local radio, newspapers, magazines, and Vermont-themes websites. DVD and book orders ship from the local post offices, which employ local people. Video documentaries require travel, which benefits convenience stores, restaurants and overnight lodging. Without the web sales, this small Vermont business would cease to exist.

Yes, Virginia, there is a local web-based Santa Claus! One does not have to possess a brick and mortar storefront to contribute to the state's economy and websites can be a good thing. Congressman Welch, I assure you these sales dollars are spent locally and "circulate around the community!" Happy holidays from Tell-Tale Productions, , and the many Vermont businesses we support.

James R. Jones