To the Editor:

I am surely not the only Vermonter frustrated by the abominable start to Vt. HealthCare. Gov.

Having given up on trying to log on after a couple of weeks I called and requested a paper app which I completed and mailed back same day. (I was told by the "Facilitator" in Bennington who I called that she was "too busy" to see me personally but that Vermont law mandated a response to my app within 30 days.) It has now been about 40 days and I have heard nothing from either the Vermont health care authorities or from my two U.S. Senators or U.S. Representative, to whom I also have complained.

What to do: Wait and hope the problem goes away? As a loyal citizen I believe in obeying the law, even should I disagree with it. But in this instance I and thousands of other Vermonters are unable to comply. At the very least in fairness the penalties written into the Obamacare bill should be postponed for six months or more while the health care authorities try to straighten this mess out.

David Nichols