To the Editor:

Since purchasing our home in 2002, I have found out exactly what the situation is with our neighbors who are directly adjacent to our property. The neighbors in question are the owners and operators of the Reluctant Panther Inn, whether it was Bob and Maye Bachofen for many year or the current owners, who include Clark and Carmen French. Either way, we have been able to enjoy remarkable peace and quiet with less than ten feet separating our .25 of an acre from a parking lot and even a trash dumpster. Trees, bushes, and most importantly hyper-sensitive business owners have allowed me and my family (including two young children) to enjoy harmonious co-habitation on West Road and Franklin Avenue in Manchester Village. In my view (from our back yard), this is a clear example of how residents and businesses can and do easily co-exist. Thank you, good neighbors.

Ariel Rudiakov

Manchester Village