To the Editor:

Last week, Dorset Town Manager, Rob Gaiotti, told me that the Dorset School was in need of an AED (automated external device, a "defibrillator"). I brainstormed with Linda Mitchell, the school nurse, about having some student volunteers collect donations on the "Discover Dorset" green on Saturday.

The six students were fabulous, canvassing the area for donations for the AED and after three hours or so they collected $410 from generous donors. Along with funds raised by the Dorset Student Council under the guidance of Linda Mitchell, and a very generous donation from David Meiselman and Myra Packman, we achieved our goal and are in process of securing an AED for the school.

Hopefully, it will never have to be used but thanks to the efforts of many, it will be there just in case.

Patti Campbell