To the Editor:

Fort Salem Theater's energetic production of I Do! I Do! triumphantly proclaims that local theater presentations are show stoppers that everyone should rush to see.

From the early moments of a young bride being carried over the threshold into a new life with a striving novelist whose ego occasionally gets in the way of their relationship until the final scene of their departure into retirement, Rosie Spring and Jim Raposa envelop the audience in 90 minutes of exhilarating theater.

Song and Dance Man Raposa leaps around the stage with fancy footwork and high energy, as he communicates in song and dialogue his love for his dutiful, "take care of the kids" wife, Agnes, and as he deals in later years with his graying hair and ego during their 50 years together.

Their repartee is witty, biting, moving and forces the audience into taking sides in this struggle of a married couple.

Rosie Spring's coquettish charm on the wedding night, her motherly love for her child in "My Cup Runneth Over," her seductive "Flaming Agnes" song and dance during strains in their marriage, and her dignity and stature while singing "What Is a Woman?" in a stunning red gown attest to her talents in capturing the full range of feminism.

Theater owner and artistic director Jay Kerr demonstrates his superb talent in providing piano accompaniment and in offering a full range of theater experiences this summer in Salem, N.Y.

I Do! I Do! is more than worth the short trip to the beautiful, air conditioned Fort Salem Theater.


Ed Hughes

Salem, N.Y