To the Editor:

It had been said that there were two honest, real people in Congress, one in the House Denis Kuchinich and one in the Senate Bernie Sanders.

Unfortunately Mr. Kuscinich was gerrymandered out of his seat, leaving Bernie Sanders alone as the one trustworthy unbuyable senator.

I have been proud that Bernie represents Vermont and I'm sure many others are too. As to his going on tour with a person from Denmark as noted in Mr. Keelan's article, what's the big deal? Is Mr. Keelan not open to new ideas? Does Mr. Keelan not realize that the "vulture capitalism" that we now have benefits only a very small percentage of the population?

I, too, believe that socialism is the only answer, not that it's ever going to happen.

My hat goes off to Bernie Sanders for being the man he is and infusing a bit of sanity into the insanity that is Congress.

As far as Mr. Keelan goes, I think highly of him since he gave great care to my roomate, Russ, while I was in the hospital.

Leonard M. Dubrow Manchester