To the Editor:

As a parent of Mountain School students, I feel Ms. Samuelson's letter describing the failed motion (122-78) to allow the Mountain School to purchase its building was a poor characterization of Mountain School families. The "sources" that inform her with gossip live in the shadows.

Come on out into the light where Reason can debate Emotion. Where the virtues of Independence can be reiterated. If "rumors" make Ms. Samuelson sad, why is she spreading them? I am sure this is unintended and her sentiments are lofty. However, it is a subtle insult to our integrity while patting us on the back. I have not heard any Mountain School families say such things.

Tuesday's (April 2) result was a rejection. To pretend it wasn't would miss the point. Mountain School families are not poor sports, quitters or accusers. We simply care about education.

Susan Hunnewell S. Londonderry