To the Editor:

In his column of Dec. 28, Dylan Baker discusses the new roundabouts that grace the junction in town. His advice about negotiating the duality is sound and I'd like to add to it. I hope that by next summer some object will grace both roundabouts, but especially the button. A stranger, I believe, needs to see something on the roundabout that rises above the surface to warn him or her of a change in the roadway ahead. Without something: a directional sign, a planting, a lamp post, recognition is delayed and one is smack upon the button before understanding its function.

While I have your attention I want to call attention to the dangers to pedestrians crossing Route 7A after dark in the Village in front of Equinox Hotel. I have experienced a couple of close calls when pedestrians were insisting on their right of way at the cross walks and were out on the highway as I passed by. In their dark clothing they were crossing in poor light assuming they could be seen. The only flash of color I saw was their fist shaken in my direction as my side window passed by.

I wonder now many other drivers have experienced near misses in that area.

I feel the street lamps there are designed more for their charm than for light. I, for one, am now driving through there at considerably less than the speed limit after dark.

Tom Weakley Arlington