To the Editor:

What a great day it was Tuesday Nov. 6. To have been a part of democracy in America was second to none, especially as a Vermonter.

Congratulations to Mr. Goodwin on his victory and the seat as Representative for the Windham-Bennington-Windsor District.

The campaign and the race were the most challenging things I've done since bringing the farm back. It was a race that interested many people and thus activated a whole new dynamic in our district electorate.

This experience allowed me to work with and learn from my immediate neighbors, and the district at large.

Having shared time with my community discussing important issues was a victory, not a loss. I am honored to have had the support to run for state representative and humbled to have received nearly 45 percent of the vote in my first race. Having won Jamaica and almost winning Londonderry, short by only 19 votes, means a great deal.

I look forward to spending time with my wife and daughter and putting the farm "to bed" for the winter. Thank you all that helped with the campaigns own success and voted for me.

Emmett Dunbar