To the Editor:

I have known Tim Goodwin for a good number of years and I can describe him with a story that involves my relationship with him.

I was an elected Lister of the Town of Weston for 15 years after which I decided that with the increasing complexity of the position new approaches were needed to maintain fairness in the Grand List. We also needed someone conversant with the State's tax structure when describing the workings of the Board to the public.

I had seen Tim, as a local school board member, patiently and accurately describe the calculation of our education tax rate at a number of annual school meetings, and thought him the ideal candidate, so I went to Tim and suggested that he would make a good Lister.

Tim replied that if I would assume one of his many outside duties for Weston, he would run for my position of Lister.

Tim is now serving in his sixth year, having chaired the Board for a period through 2011. During his time on the Board he has done much to improve its operations through his knowledge of the tax laws, and analytical ability.

I also know Tim as a Justice of Peace and member of the Board of Civil Authority, where it is my pleasure to work with him; and where I have found him to perform his duties with fairness and compassion.

I support Tim and I will certainly vote for him!

Peter Rosengarten Weston