To the Editor:

By now you have probably received several mailings with absentee ballot applications and probably a request to vote straight "up and down the ticket." Wait! Stop! Look! Listen! Now I won't tell you how I'm going to vote line by line (unless you ask me!) , but I do want to advocate that we all vote responsibly. Let's make each line count! I do want to advocate for your vote on one line in particular, one that's a bit hidden away the Auditor of Accounts. The candidate I am supporting - Vince Illuzzi - has a strong working command of the State's fiscal situation after decades on the Senate Finance, Appropriations and Institutions Committees In March this year, I met Vince and found him to be someone who really listened to folks and made things happen. I witnessed dedication and hard work with a focus on getting things done. After the hearings were over and the legislative session ended, Vince accurately assessed his own involvement: "People didn't expect anything to happen, but we listened, and we decided to make a difference." He was absolutely right! And he's the man for the job of Auditor of Accounts -- Vincent Illuzzi.

And one other thing -- he's endorsed by the Vermont Working Families Party, Vermont NEA (Teachers), Vermont State Employees, Vermont Professional Firefighters, Vermont Troopers Association and Teamsters Local 597 (UPS drivers).

Robert A. Oeser