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    Constructive ideas

    05/21/2015 12:53 PM EDT
    To the Editor: The constructive ideas for Dorset, that Tyler Yandow thoughtfully lists in the May 15 Journal (opinion) seem both rational and doable. His voice of reason suggests pedestrian crossings at Church street, Dorset Post office, and H. 
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    Good Job
    05/21/2015 12:51 PM EDT - To the Editor: Well, I guess Spring is finally here (I hope). I'd like to thank the Dept. of Public works headed by Jeff Wiliams. We've had a tougher than normal winter than we've had in some time! Manchester's roads and sidewalks were kept in great Full Story

    The Manchester Journal
    05/21/2015 12:51 PM EDT - To the Editor: When my grandfather, Bill Barrows, owned the Barrows House he placed the following poem in the bureau of each guest room: Dorset- in -the- Mountains Dorset in the Mountains is quiet dull and small. Full Story

    Vermont and Vietnam
    05/21/2015 12:50 PM EDT - To the Editor: The most important event of my day on April 30, 2015, was not my professing socialist senator announcing a presidential campaign. On that day, I had the privilege of meeting a Vietnam veteran who came through my lane of a small-town Full Story

    Reminder — Hearing Scheduled
    05/18/2015 04:06 PM EDT - To the Editor; A meeting on the potential sale of the playground in front of the MEMS is to be held Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at 6 p.m. The hearing will be held at MEMS, Parker Room, 2nd floor. The Manchester Elementary and Middle School Board and Full Story

    05/16/2015 01:52 PM EDT - To the Editor: I wanted to make absolutely certain that I in no way intended to condemn the many people who were key players in the campaign to vote down the zoning changes in Dorset who were not involved in creating this insensitive flyer. Full Story

    Flyer was Insensitive
    05/13/2015 11:43 AM EDT - To the Editor: This past week saw a town vote on proposed zoning regulation changes in Dorset which was an example of the democratic process in action. Regardless of whether you were for or against the zoning amendments, it is absolutely the right Full Story

    Dream come True
    05/13/2015 11:38 AM EDT - To the Editor, The following quotation is from the Dorset Theatre Festival's playbill from 1979 to about 2005, when the summer theatre was in its heyday, created by the incomparable artistic director and co-founder, Jill Charles and Full Story

    Letter: Thank you to all who helped 'Green Up' at the Manchester Dog Park
    05/08/2015 01:11 PM EDT - To the Editor: The steering committee of the Manchester Dog Park would like to thank everyone who came to help clean up the area last Saturday, Green Up Day. We had an enthusiast crew come with rakes, garbage bags, shovels and pails to help put Full Story

    Letter: Happy Mother's Day to moms everywhere
    05/08/2015 01:13 PM EDT - To the Editor: Mothers. God love them. Consider this a love letter to mothers everywhere. To my saintly deceased mother. To make two grandmothers who were indeed mother earth. Grandma DeBona bearing 10 children. Full Story

    Egyptian woman arrested over racy music video

    CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian authorities have arrested a woman who danced in a racy music video that went viral on the internet and referred her to misdemeanor court for "inciting debauchery. Full Story
    ( Jeffrey R. Staab )
    David Letterman set trashed; Dumpster divers move in

    Hours after the 'Late Show' finished taping, the crew began dismantling and throwing away iconic parts of David Letterman's set.