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    Letter to the editor: Praise for education reporter

    06/24/2016 04:31 PM EDT
    Praise for education reporter I write this letter to praise the job in which one of your reporters, Derek Carson, has done throughout the past year with regards to covering different events at my school, the Village School of North Bennington. 
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    Letter to the editor: PAVE support not limited by gender, age, or sexual orientation
    06/21/2016 02:41 PM EDT - PAVE support not limited by gender, age, or sexual orientation Project Against Violent Encounters (PAVE) would like to offer a few thoughts following the shooting that happened at Pulse, a gay nightclub, in Orlando, Florida on June 12. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Vermont's moose mismanagement
    06/21/2016 02:37 PM EDT - Vermont's moose mismanagement An open letter to Deb Markowitz, secretary Vermont Agency of Natural Resources I am writing to request that you take two urgent steps: 1) Use your office and authority over the Department of Fish and Wildlife to cancel Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Government wrong on drug laws
    06/21/2016 02:32 PM EDT - Government wrong on drug laws The growing radicalism of the temperance movement since the days of the American Revolution carries a stinging irony that is not lost in the conflict of drugs today. The influence of the temperance movement persists in Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Bruce Lisman is the competent economic leader that we need
    06/21/2016 11:38 AM EDT - Bruce Lisman is the competent economic leader that we need If you ask any student what they want after college, you'll likely find that nine out of ten will say that they simply want a good job. 42,000 young adults are enrolled in our colleges and Full Story

    Is the problem an ideology or the tool?
    06/20/2016 05:08 PM EDT - To the Editor: Careful thought of the reasons for terrorist events divulges an abhorrent ideology in the perversion of a Religion's codes such as the Koran and Shariia Law. The perpetrators of this violent ideology want to kill us for the simple Full Story

    Scout's honor
    06/20/2016 05:01 PM EDT - To the Editor: Tails were wagging and smiles were plentiful for all those who participated in the dog show fundraiser at the Manchester Dog Park on Saturday June 18. We would like to commend Jonathan Saunders for his hard work in making the event a Full Story

    Women and the draft
    06/20/2016 04:59 PM EDT - To the Editor: Now that women are going to be required to register for the selective service and draft I'd like to explain a few things. First off, the lottery was not the method of drafting men during the Vietnam War. Full Story

    Armchair traveling
    06/20/2016 04:55 PM EDT - To the Editor: Manchester area residents recently travelled the world from the beautiful environs of the Equinox Village during a three-part armchair travel series. Presented by Manchester Community Library and sponsored by Equinox Village, the Full Story

    Making sense of the climate change battle
    06/20/2016 04:42 PM EDT - To the Editor: John McClaughry is right (OPED posted 06/13/2016) that people without a science background can find it hard to know what is going on with climate change. Thousands of scientific papers are published every year on the subject and Full Story

    People From wire reports

    Kanye West unveils video featuring naked celebritiesKanye West has unveiled a video on a subject he knows something about: fame.