• Job Fair finds more jobs than workers - 10/15/2014 08:47 PM EDT
  • As we go forward - 10/09/2014 02:15 PM EDT
    Thanks, Dave

    10/09/2014 02:22 PM EDT
    "A hundred years from now no one will remember the size of your bank account, the car you drove or the square footage of your house. The world might differ greatly however, based on your impact in the life of a small child." 
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    Adding an ambulance
    10/10/2014 01:02 PM EDT - The Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad recently put into service its new "type 3" Freightliner ambulance. Full Story

    Helping with healthcare
    10/09/2014 02:18 PM EDT - I've read some articles in the papers about Representative Komline's proposal to help address the serious problems thousands of Vermonters are having with the healthcare exchange.  Full Story

    DuPont has background
    10/09/2014 02:16 PM EDT - We became acquainted with Tony DuPont four years ago. During that time we have had the opportunity to see how he thinks and works. Full Story

    Berry is right fit for house
    10/09/2014 02:12 PM EDT - Arriving at a universally accepted formula for what makes a good legislator would, indeed, be a daunting challenge.  Full Story

    Policy slights veterans
    10/09/2014 02:10 PM EDT - My recent trip to our local Home Depot Store to make a purchase resulted in a bit of confusion and disappointment when I went to check out at the cashier. Full Story

    Mary's the one
    10/09/2014 10:59 AM EDT - I support Mary Barrosse-Schwartz in her candidacy to represent our region in the Vermont House because she's the kind of creative thinker and positive person we need to pull people together to find solutions to tough problems. Full Story

    First Wednesdays a plus for community
    10/09/2014 10:57 AM EDT - One of the pleasures of living in this area are the wonderfully rich cultural resources that we have available. Full Story

    Super drunk woman arrested, mistook jail for bar

    PAW PAW, Mich. (AP) — One is a building with bars. The other is a building with a bar. A very drunk woman apparently had trouble telling them apart and ended up in a southwestern Michigan jail cell. Full Story
    On the road to find the world's funniest person

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — It was last summer and Israeli-Palestinian tensions were at the highest they'd been in some time when Jamie Masada hit on a formula for world peace: Forget about guns and bombs, and just tell jokes to each other. Full Story
    (Greg Gayne / FX)
    Charlie Sheen breaks up with porn star fiancee

    The “Anger Management” star had planned to marry Brett Rossi in November, but now says he wants to devote his time to his children.