MANCHESTER - A conversation on Aging and Loss will be held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 14, at Equinox Village.

Older people often deal with many forms of loss. People sometimes experience difficult emotions when they retire from busy careers; at the passing of their parents, friends and spouses; as people begin to lose their hearing or sight, as they face medical conditions and lose their ability to drive or do many of the activities they have enjoyed.

Dr. Lesley Brodie, a University of Utah-trained and board certified adult psychiatrist with The Spicer Family Center, will lead a conversation about the many forms of loss that often occur in older age and share methods for coping with loss. Attendees will learn some techniques for recovering from a significant loss and rediscovering joy in their lives.

The event is free.

Call Kylee Ryan at 802-362-4061 with questions, to register or for more information.