PAWLET - There are two sides to the "weight loss" coin that everyone who wants to lose weight needs to know. The first side is information about the body's physiology and nutrition. The second side is about the psychological and emotional aspects of weight loss.

Glenn Cratty will present some of the psychological blocks that can prevent successful weight loss and the emotional elements to consider when beginning a weight loss plan. He will teach some of the ways to eliminate those blocks.

Anne Marie Havel will discuss how the body works to digest, metabolize and derive nutrition from the food you consume.

Circle of Healing, located on route 30 outside of Pawlet, will be offering a monthly series of seminars on aspects of Integrative Health. On the last Wednesday of each month, starting on January 30, Circle of Healing will present a seminar, starting at 7 p.m., which is free and open to the public. Circle of Healing is an integrative healing center. For more information, call 802-325-3300, ext. 3.