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    Portrait of a Life-Long Body Worker: Cyndy Shaw

    07/22/2015 10:48 AM EDT
    MANCHESTER >> The red clapboard building at the corner of Main Street and Memorial Avenue in Manchester has had several incarnations. Cyndy Shaw's grandmother, Esther Graves Shaw, was a switchboard operator there in the early 1900s. 
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    Pre-diabetes: A wake-up call for better health
    07/16/2015 09:32 PM EDT - If you've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you are far from alone. In fact, the number of pre- diabetics have increased at such alarming rates over the last generation that some experts call it an epidemic. Full Story

    Outdoor exercise: Good for the mind and body
    07/16/2015 09:32 PM EDT - Gym memberships are becoming more and more popular, but exercising outdoors could actually be better for your mind and body, as well as your wallet. Rachel Plaine, founder of Berkshire Yoga Dance and Fitness in Pittsfield, Mass. Full Story

    Ask Doctor K: The best treatment for gallstones
    07/13/2015 06:50 AM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I was recently diagnosed with gallstones, and my doctor recommended surgery. Is this the best option, or can I consider other treatments? DEAR READER >> Gallstones are pebble-like deposits that form inside the Full Story

    Juvenile Arthritis: Pediatric rheumatologist in short supply
    07/13/2015 06:51 AM EDT - Camp Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Fairlee, Vt., is a lot like any other camp. Youngsters sleep away from their homes, eat together, and participate in outdoor activities like canoeing and archery. There is just one notable difference — each child has juvenile arthritis.

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    Aging, Health and Choice
    07/07/2015 05:09 PM EDT - MANCHESTER >> Green Mountain Academy of Lifelong Learning will welcome Dr. Bernard Bandman and Celia Engel Bandman to lead a panel discussion on Difficult Conversations: Aging, Health and Choice. Full Story

    The Health Take-Away: Rewrite your book of life with healthy choices
    07/02/2015 03:32 PM EDT - Your mother has diabetes. Your father has high blood pressure. Depression runs in both sides of your family. Are these the genes you inherited? Will you struggle with your health because of a bad roll of the genetic dice? Full Story

    Ask Dr. K: Treat flatfeet with arch supports
    07/02/2015 03:24 PM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> At my son's 12-year well-child visit, his doctor said that he may have flexible flatfeet. What does that mean? Is it something that needs to be treated? DEAR READER >> A person is said to be flat-footed when the foot Full Story

    Eat Well to Live Well
    06/29/2015 02:46 PM EDT - Everybody wants great health, but making day-to-day changes can be hard. Extra weight, low energy, or a chronic condition bring worry and frustration. With my support, step-by-step and at your pace, you can permanently shift towards easy, balanced Full Story

    Ask Dr. K: Diagnosing sore throat may not be simple
    06/26/2015 03:20 PM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I saw my doctor last week, who said I had acute pharyngitis, but didn't say what that was. It sounds serious. What is it? DEAR READER: GOOD NEWS >> It's rarely serious. I know the word "acute" in front of any medical Full Story

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    Diner en Blanc: New York leads world's biggest popup picnic

    NEW YORK (AP) — Five thousand people dressed in white got together for the world's largest popup picnic at a location revealed only at the last moment. Full Story
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    TV depiction of Colombia's only saint angers her devotees

    BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — For weeks, billboards on buses and television spots have been announcing what promises to be Colombia's next big prime-time sensation. Full Story