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    Ask Dr. K: Combat burning mouth syndrome

    04/29/2016 04:11 PM EDT
    DEAR DOCTOR K >> For some time, I've had a burning and tingling in my mouth. My dentist and doctor seem to be mystified. What could be causing my symptoms, and what can I do? DEAR READER >> Several things might be causing these 
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    Call to action for better pain relief for preemies
    04/22/2016 02:09 PM EDT - OAK LAWN, Ill. >> It happens every day to the most vulnerable infants in hospital intensive care units: fragile babies born way too soon are poked, prodded and jabbed as part of medical care meant to help them survive — and it can be Full Story

    Ask Dr. K: Get what you need from food, not pills
    04/22/2016 02:09 PM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> It seems like several years ago all my friends were taking antioxidant pills. Now I don't hear about antioxidants as much. Are they worth taking? DEAR READER >> Here's what we know, and here's what is still controversial. Full Story

    Health Take-Away: Simple walking routine will change your life
    04/22/2016 02:09 PM EDT - Nice weather always brings out the walkers. It's a terrific way to exercise and get back into shape for the beautiful spring and summer months ahead. In our region of Western Massachusetts, many of the walkers are part of a program called Walk with Full Story

    Rinpoche to lead retret
    04/20/2016 10:49 PM EDT - MANCHESTER >> In May, Manchester is very fortunate to receive a return visit from Anyen Rinpoche, renowned Tibetan lama who has been coming since 2012 to give teachings of love, compassion, healing and understanding to students and the public Full Story

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    Janet Jackson is pregnant with first child

    Janey Jackson, who postponed her tour last month to announce she was planning her family, will have a baby in just a few months, according to report.