MANCHESTER - Revenues from local option taxes are up for the past quarter.

John O'Keefe, town manager, said in an email that sales tax revenue grew from $173,161.04 to $186,121.36, an increase of 7.48 percent. The comparison is between the final quarter of 2012 (the months of October through December) with the final quarter of 2013.

Meals, room and alcohol tax revenue was up 4.32 percent, from $111,940.20 in 2012 to $116, 777.98 in 2013. Overall, combined local option revenue increased 6.24 percent.

O'Keefe said in an interview that this increase was not expected to be as high, but is an example of how the economy is rebounding. This is not the only reason revenue has increased.

"The roundabouts have created quite a buzz and attracted people to Manchester," he said.