NORTHSHIRE - Even with the fluctuation in temperature, the ski season is off to a great start. The four ski resorts in the area - Bromley, Magic, Stratton Mountain, and Mount Snow all saw great turnout during the Christmas holiday. The area was blanketed in natural snow before Christmas, but then saw warmer temperatures and rain, melting most of the snow.

Despite the less than ideal conditions leading up to the holiday, many of the mountains reported that they were able to correct the situation through a combination of low temperatures early last week that allowed them to make large amounts of snow and recover many of the trails.

An exception was Magic Mountain, which has limited snowmaking capabilities and relies heavily on natural snowfall.

"I will say that we were impacted by the rain that immediately preceded Christmas, but our snow making crew did a good job recovering from that. Again we don't have the strongest snowmaking system so we can't quite as much terrain open as we had hoped, but overall it's been pretty good," said President of Magic Mountain Jim Sullivan of the Christmas holiday.

Sullivan said that essentially all the natural snow trails were wiped out by the rain, but they were able to get them back with their snowmaking efforts. However, instead of having 50 to 75 percent of their terrain open like they had hoped going into New Year's, Sullivan said they will likely only have about 25 percent of their terrain open.

Myra Foster of Stratton Mountain said that while the rain was disappointing to see, it came before Christmas, which allowed them time to make more snow.

"A year ago at this time, we had had only 18.5 inches of natural snow, [now we've had] 43 inches [of] natural snow," she said.

At Stratton, Foster said if the guests weren't here to see the rain and warm temperatures, they would have never noticed the change in weather.

Foster and the Director of Marketing at Bromley Mountain, Michael van Eyk, both said social media has changed how people plan their skiing getaways. Neither said reservations were canceled because of weather. Foster added that any rooms that emptied due to cancellation were quickly filled.

"Skiers post photos, talk about how great the conditions are in Vermont and people may see a Go-pro video on Facebook," she said. "There's nothing like hearing how great [ski conditions] are from your friends."

Van Eyk said social media and technology has changed how people make their reservations and decisions to ski.

"The lead time has gotten shorter and shorter and shorter," he said. "We're able to get the message out so quickly people are just waiting to hear what is the shape of the mountain."

Social media has helped create a sense of urgency to get to the slopes.

"Winter is short," Foster said. "They don't want to miss their turn [to ski]."

According to both Meaker and van Eyck the mountains have also benefited from the Christmas holiday taking place during the middle of the week.

"Generally speaking I'd say the way the holiday fell, being on a Wednesday, typically regardless of the snow conditions that makes for a little bit higher demand period because folks have a little bit more time off and things of that nature," said Meaker.

With the combination of a snow storm on Sunday that dropped close to a foot of snow on some of the mountains, colder temperatures ideal for snowmaking and a potential snow storm on either Wednesday - New Year's Day - or Thursday, representatives from some of the aforementioned mountains have said that they have begun getting calls from people looking to extend their holiday.

"The meterologists play such a role and when they're predicting the convergence of two storms right over the Vermont mountains it gets everyone excited," said Foster. "So, the people who are here are excited and making plans to stay a little bit longer and those who are not here in Vermont, not here at Stratton, are watching the weather shape up to bring another storm just in time for next weekend. So, I would think they're probably making their plans to be here in Vermont, be here at Stratton, and enjoy a great start to the new year."