DORSET - A seat has opened up on the Dorset select board. On Wednesday night, Marge Freed resigned her seat as of Dec. 31. Freed's reason for resignation is she is moving her primary residence to Florida. Chris Brooks, chairman of the select board and the other members joked that they would not accept the resignation.

"Sadly Margery is resigning her position on the select board...Margery, you will sorely be missed," Chris Brooks, chair of the select board said. "Thank you for your service."

With a vacant seat on the select board, the board decided to post the vacancy on Dec. 31, and interview candidates to fill the seat until they can be voted in during town meeting. Interviews for the open seat will take place either at a select board meeting in early January, but it will depend on the number of applicants, Rob Gaiotti, town manager said.

To help support the Dorset forest expansion, Gaiotti asked the select board to pass a resolution supporting the project. The resolution, he said would help show town support in receiving the grant they are applying for. The grant application is due around Jan. 15. The resolution passed unanimously. In other news, the budget for fiscal year 2015 was discussed. The board approved line items in the budget regarding a movable speeding sign, money to help the Discover Dorset event and others. Other items, like spending on elections prices and a building study for town hall were not approved.

A major item discussed on response to multiple line item allocations was money should be spent only on what it was approved for. "I just want to make sure, if we are allocating money [in this category], that it stays there," Chris Brooks, select board chairman said. Gaiotti said tat based on the anticipated numbers in the budget, the tax rate would actually be less than in previous years.