MANCHESTER - Elizabeth Torak has a solo exhibition opening on Oct. 6 at Tilting at Windmills Gallery.

The exhibition will be the first show in 4 years.

Her painting "The Feast of Venus 1" was featured at The Elizabeth de Wilson Museum in 2011. She is a master in her medium - called the Marager - which is a formula used in the 15th Century by Peter Paul Rubens. She has painted for the past 35 years. The new work is ground breaking with her large semi-abstract works, and she will have only 10 in her show.

With high energy and intense focus, Torak has delved deeply to create a diverse body of work, and ranges from representational to abstraction.

"What makes my abstraction so powerful is I use my skills of realism," Torak said. "I deconstruct the realism to uncover the new work. I don't see realism and abstraction as opposite. I see that I'm taking realism a step further because my foundation is so solid. There is a structure like a matrix which is always like a doorway. There is a level of consciousness. Everything is horizontal and vertical. I can communicate how I perceive the world. I see the world as a double and triple perception."

She lives in Pawlet and is originally from New Jersey. Her new painting are on the tilting at windmills web site at