WEST PAWLET - The Manchester Music Festival string quartet, comprised of Joana Genova, Heather Braun, Ariel Rudiakov and Benjamin Capps, and special guest, Matthew Gold, percussion, performed at the Mettawee Community school on Tuesday, April 1, as part of their annual Residency Week.

With a theme of "Rhythms of the World," the MMF quartet performed music by Ravel, Goleminov, Negron, Cage, Lobi, Reich, Gerswhin and students participating in the Dare to Compose! project.

"The Manchester Music Festival always brings quality music programs to the community. This concert was especially fun for the Mettawee students because MMF used percussion from around the world and incorporated audience participation," said Mettawee music teacher Lisa Hoyt of the quartet's visit. "Students created a body percussion rainstorm and were given rhy thms to perform with the musicians. The music was interesting and engaging for all ages, especially the creative exploration of sound using John Cage's music (a minute of silence from 4'33'' and Living Room Music)." Mettawee principal Brooke De Bonis added that having the Manchester Music Festival at the school was beneficial because the students were able to learn about the instruments that were being played.

Manchester Music Festival Residency Performances, such as the one at the Mettawee Community School, are free and open to the public.