DORSET - The halls of Long Trail School remain busy throughout the summer. One aspect of this year's summer program is a three week visit by Spanish students.

Six girls and their chaperone arrived in late June and are staying in the area until July 19. The girls, who range in age from 11 to 16, are from the Barcelona region and Andorra and they are all interested in an international experience in drama and culture. They are staying with host families for the duration of their visit. On camp days, these students and some of their host teens come to Long Trail for rehearsal of an English language drama production which will be performed in the final days of their stay. In the afternoons, the Spanish students have outings around the state. A recent highlight of their trip was a weekend visit to New York City. The students visited the Bronx Zoo, Times Square, and Chinatown and spent an afternoon exploring the city via Central Park.

"The parents are interested in the full immersion of their daughters into another culture," said chaperone Susana Guindulain. "Based on other students' experiences with this program, they know that the visit to Long Trail will be a valuable, safe and welcoming experience for their girls. Given how important it is for them to learn English, the three week stay will provide a relatively short and intense exposure for both enjoyment and education."

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