BONDVILLE - Daren M. Houck, Head of School at the Mountain School at Winhall, has announced the middle school students who attained High Honors (all A's), Honors (A's and B's), and Perfect Attendance for the first trimester of the 2012-2013 school year.

Grade 8 High Honors: Mischa Emerson, Camille Kirby, Mikaela McMahon.

Grade 8 Honors: Sean Apps, Corey Donnelly, James Gallagher, John Hubert, Maisie Kane, Noah Kane, Jarrid Parker-Bushey.

Grade 7 High Honors: Shaylie Alfonso, Boone Jones, Summar Jones, Allie Nowicki.

Grade 7 Honors: Brooke Ellis, Sunny Lin, Grace MacFayden, Chris Sullivan, Haley vonAchen, Wren Young.

Grade 6 High Honors: Nate Caplan, Sydney Goldfarb, Anna Lehman, Fiona McMahon, Evangeline Morrison.

Grade 6 Honors: Jessup Burrow, TJ Fitzgerald, Emily Golembeski, Lucy Senecal.

Grade 5 High Honors: Priscilla Honnewell.

Grade 5 Honors: Morgan Ellis, Mark Hunnewell, Josi Mosher, David vonAchen.

Perfect Attendance: Isaiah Roy, Jasmine Stone, Connor Cavanagh, Ethan Mann, Conor McMahon, Dylan Burrow, Katrina Gordon, Paige Mann, Celsey McMahon, Josi Mosher, Sydney Goldfarb, Lucy Senecal, Brooke Ellis, Summar Jones, Anthony Santoro, Haley vonAchen, Sean Apps, Mathew Eichorn, John Hubert, Noah Kane, Camille Kirby.

The Mountain School at Winhall is an accredited Pre-K-8 independent community school in Bondville. For information on the school or its programs, call Daren Houck at 297-2662.