DORSET - The first Community Classroom event is scheduled in Long Trail School's Hunter Center on Wednesday, Nov. 14, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Vermont Made and World Class will be an engaging and critical discussion about empowering youth in this area for success in a global community.

The five panelists, successful business and intellectual leaders in the surrounding communities, are excited to participate in this exchange of ideas about how to prepare students for the needs of the future with fresh approaches in thinking and teaching.

The panelists are Simon Perkins of Orvis, Ari Rudiakov of the Manchester Music Festival, Mill Moore from the Vermont Independent School Associations (VISA), Kathleen Colson of the BOMA Foundation, and Rosanna Moran, principal of The Dorset School. Parents, teachers, and stakeholders in the area are invited to weigh in on a crucial discussion about our local children's future. Many say that today's education should be about broadening perspectives, providing essential skills, and building character to prepare for the challenges of a world that is shifting economically, politically, and socially. This forum will initiate public dialogue about how we can achieve this. Refreshments and a Q & A session will be part of the evening.

For more information about this program and Community Classroom, contact Matt Donahue, Director of Development, at 802-867-5717 x279 or