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    The right thing to do

    11/21/2015 12:35 PM EST
    It's not often that Vermont state politics and international affairs overlap, but we saw a rare instance of that this past week over the situation involving Syrian refugees. It's difficult not to feel enormous sympathy for the hundred of thousands, 
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    Nous sommes unis — et aujoud'hui?
    11/16/2015 01:05 PM EST - Today we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of France and the victims of the mindless slaughter that took place in Paris last Friday. Hopefully, we will still be doing so tomorrow (aujourd'hui, en francais), because we should be thinking in Full Story

    Sounding a wake-up call
    11/10/2015 02:59 PM EST - It's hard not be be startled by the news released last week about an important new research paper written by Nobel economics laureate Angus Deaton and his wife, Anne Case, scholars and professors from Princeton University. Full Story

    'Cleaning out the barn'
    11/02/2015 04:28 PM EST - Can it be? After what seems like an eternity when the one-word summary of life within the U.S. Congress could be neatly summarized as "gridlock," a budget deal struck between the legislative and executive branches of the federal government last week Full Story

    You can't have it all
    10/27/2015 01:27 PM EDT - Act 46, the much discussed and written about legislation that passed the statehouse last spring is large, cumbersome and in places inconsistent. The authors of the legislation failed to clearly spell out the terms under which communities which have Full Story

    The Beckoning State
    10/19/2015 04:20 PM EDT - With an above average fall foliage season, at least from the visual standpoint of some amazing color provided by the local trees shedding their leaves in preparation for another winter; a fascinating conversation underway across the state over Act Full Story

    Unify the fire tax
    10/13/2015 04:19 PM EDT - Some things in life and government are complicated; others less so. One that falls into the latter category is the equalization of the fire district taxes between Dorset and East Dorset. As discussed at a recent meeting of a committee charged with Full Story

    Support public access television
    10/13/2015 04:19 PM EDT - As many of you know, The Journal and GNAT have worked together as media partners so full disclosure requires that we note that relationship so readers can make an objective decision. Stations like GNAT and other small public cable access stations Full Story

    Another View: National Fire Prevention Week; remembering one of the worst disasters of all time
    10/08/2015 09:46 AM EDT - When local firefighters stage activities for National Fire Prevention Week this week, they are following a tradition that began with commemorating one of the worst fire disasters of all time. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871, in which hundreds of Full Story

    Guest column: A mother's loss
    10/08/2015 09:45 AM EDT - The Oregon shooter idolized the IRA—the Brit-hating, bullet-and-bomb-loving Irish Republican Army. Such terrorists, in turn, are only too happy to be role models for aimless youth such as Christopher Mercer. Full Story

    ( Evan Agostini )
    Rosie O'Donnell: Donald Trump's presidential bid a 'nightmare'

    With a long history of animosity, will Rosie O'Donnell calling Donald Trump's presidential bid a nightmare set off another round of insults?