• Tate's 71 helps lead BBA past MAU - 05/21/2015 09:16 PM EDT
  • Bargains to Boost Rink - 05/21/2015 12:59 PM EDT
  • Legislative Report Card - 05/19/2015 02:29 PM EDT
    Legislative Report Card

    05/19/2015 02:29 PM EDT
    The first year of the 2015-16 legislative biennium may well be remembered for its unusual start and a bizarre, as well as sad and troubling end, if allegations against one of the state senators are upheld in court. 
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    Doug Shaw
    05/12/2015 10:13 AM EDT - Manchester lost one of its leading citizens and a link to its past last week when Doug Shaw, the former president of the insurance agency that bore his name — Shaw Insurance — passed away on May 4. Full Story

    Public Safety
    05/11/2015 04:34 PM EDT - The dust may not have quite settled completely yet over the report issued by a consulting group last week which studies the police, fire and rescue services in Manchester and Dorset, but when it does, there are some worthwhile ideas to consider Full Story

    Run, Bernie, Run
    05/04/2015 01:06 PM EDT - It's a dream come true for Vermont journalists at any rate — our very own U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has announced he's running for President. All of a sudden, the playground of presidential politics just grew exponentially. Full Story

    "YES" on Zoning
    04/28/2015 12:06 PM EDT - There's a lot going on this week on the international, national and state levels that would and probably will be worthy of editorial comment. The Pacific Trade Agreement, for which President Obama has sought "fast track" authority — meaning Full Story

    Time for Plan B
    04/21/2015 12:40 PM EDT - It's almost too easy at this point to throw rocks at Vermont Health Connect, Vermont's state-designed health insurance website, so we won't. Out of deference to the people who have no doubt labored long and hard to try and get the insurance exchange Full Story

    Our Opinion: Tale of Two Vermonts
    04/14/2015 01:43 PM EDT - Vermont is a pretty small state, compared to most of the others. We edge out Rhode Island in terms of square miles, and are roughly similar to New Hampshire, but that's about it. Which makes it all the more surprising that one corner of Vermont Full Story

    A Good Start
    04/06/2015 12:18 PM EDT - You can't have it both ways. Vermonters who are feeling the heat of painfully high and unsustainable property tax bills, sooner or later, will have accept there's a price to be paid for stabilizing and if possible, reducing them. Full Story

    Structural Deficit Requires Structural Reform
    04/01/2015 06:10 PM EDT - Last week was a difficult and dramatic week at Vermont's Statehouse, where the General Assembly voted through a $1.475 billion General Fund budget that calls for raising about $35 million in new taxes and fees. Full Story

    Existential Threats
    03/25/2015 02:58 PM EDT - While Vermont wrestles with closing a massive budgetary shortfall, and local communities grapple with an array of issues and questions; some familiar, some not, those problems get put in their proper perspective when considering the volatile and Full Story