• Nupp promoted to Stratton CEO - 10/02/2015 11:20 AM EDT
  • Surprise! It's the economy - 09/29/2015 10:38 AM EDT
    Surprise! It's the economy

    09/29/2015 10:38 AM EDT
    A recent poll conducted by the Castleton University Polling Institute released last week shows that the top issue for Vermonters was the economy. That's a timely reminder, we think, for the gubernatorial candidates who have already announced their 
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    Act 46 heralds large changes
    09/22/2015 02:46 PM EDT - It took lawmakers a long time to come up with a legislative proposal dealing with educational costs, outcomes and leveling playing fields that a majority of them could sign on to, and longer for the financial pressures forcing their hand to build. Full Story

    Our Opinion: You can't make this stuff up
    09/16/2015 11:44 AM EDT - With all the activity on the presidential election and the multitude of candidates already announced and those considering it, it's hard to believe the actual voting is still more than a year away. Some much has happened just within the past few Full Story

    Solar nimbyism
    09/07/2015 04:51 PM EDT - For a state that is often associated with being among the nation's leaders when it comes to renewable energy and greenery in general — both when it comes to natural landscapes and environmental awareness — Vermont has a funny, if not Full Story

    School choice and Act 46
    08/24/2015 05:19 PM EDT - While Act 46, Vermont's recently enacted education statute that is the best attempt to date to seriously prod school districts into looking at ways to merge and consolidate with an eye towards eventually right-sizing a system that spends more money Full Story

    Not good enough
    08/18/2015 03:29 PM EDT - There's always two sides to a story. Sometimes several. That being the case, it would behoove the board of directors of the Mountain Valley Medical Clinic in Londonderry to explain in a little more detail why an apparently popular physician who has Full Story

    New Look for Depot Street
    08/04/2015 12:48 PM EDT - The proposed overhaul of Depot Street has been one of those initiatives that seemed to be forever off in the distance, always just over the horizon, until it wasn't. Word that town officials have formally filed for a state transportation grant to Full Story

    We Can Work It Out
    07/20/2015 04:48 PM EDT - It's unfortunate, in our view, that the town of Manchester and the Food Cupboard, a charitable, non-profit organization which distributes food to the needy, have struggled to come up with a new lease agreement with mutually acceptable terms for both Full Story

    Trust but Verify
    07/14/2015 01:02 PM EDT - The nuclear arms control agreement reached with Iran earlier this week is to be welcomed. It gives the world, and especially the tinderbox of the Middle East, the best chance to walk back from a potential situation that could bring even more Full Story

    More than Just Trade is Involved
    06/22/2015 02:43 PM EDT - By the time many of you read this in the newspaper, the fate of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, a sweeping trade agreement between the U.S. and some of its major trading partners, may be clearer. Full Story