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    Our Opinion: New Era for Banner, NENI

    After two decades in which dramatic changes rocked the newspaper industry, the Manchester Journal and New England Newspapers Incorporated, which experienced all of those changes, have returned to local ownership. Full Story
    Weeding the garden
    With a projected adjournment date of early May staring them in the face, lawmakers in Montpelier are struggling to finish work on a variety of legislative bills. One of those which has received a fair amount of attention, both in-state and beyond, Full Story

    Let's move forward
    The handwriting was on the wall last month when it came to the survival of the Manchester and the Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce, but it was still something of a shock when the announcement was made earlier this week that after more than 75 Full Story

    Fresh thinking needed on trade
    You have to give Donald Trump credit for one thing — and it may be the only thing in his depressing campaign for the presidency — he has focused some overdue attention on the plight of those Americans most impacted in a bad way by the Full Story

    The other cost shift
    Over the past few years, Vermont has seen a steady increase in its use of renewable energy, especially with solar power. In big picture terms, that has been good and praiseworthy. The worst fears of climate change are scary to contemplate, and Full Story