PERU >> On Saturday, May 21, meet at 8 a.m. at the Peru Park and Ride. Car pool and leave some vehicles at the Mad Tom Notch Long Trail parking lot and continue on to the FR 58 parking lot. Hike in on the FR 58 trail to Griffith Lake (2.5 miles) and then work south on the Long Trail from Griffith Lake to Mad Tom Notch (5 miles) with a couple thousand feet of elevation gain and loss, working over Peru Peak and Styles Peak.

We will be cleaning water bars and removing some blowdowns, getting the trail ready for the late spring, summer and early fall hiking season. Bring extra clothes, lots of food and fluids, and bug stuff. Wear boots or hiking shoes but expect they may get wet. If you have a hoe or hazel hoe or shovel, bring it - however, the club has hoes and shovels for use - and pruning saws and clippers as needed. This is a fun work day and many hands make it go a lot faster. Moderately difficult hike.

To register or for more information, call Dave Ratti at 802-3660698 or by email at