MANCHESTER >> Ben & Jerry's fans can mark April 12 on their calendars as the 2016 Ben & Jerriest day of the year: Free Cone Day! For the past 37 years, Ben & Jerry's has opened scoop shops to dish out free ice cream to fans to thank them for their patronage.

Fans are invited to Ben & Jerry's of Manchester Center, located at 454 Depot Street, from noon to 8 p.m. to join in on the company's long-time tradition of thanking fans for their commitment and ongoing support.

"We love getting involved with and giving back to our communities. It's amazing what we can do together over shared values and several scoops of ice cream," said John Rindell, Ben & Jerry's of Manchester Center.

For more information about Ben & Jerry's in Manchester, contact John Rindell, at 802-367-1080 or