SUNDERLAND >> The Sunderland Selectboard will hold its first meeting following Town Meeting on Monday March 14, At 7 p.m. at the Sunderland Town Hall.

The meeting agenda is as follows: 1.Call to order 2.Introduction of those present 3.Selectboard organization chair and clerk, road, solid waste, insurance, green-up chair and police liaison 4.Approval of minutes from previous meeting

5.Reports from Road Liaison and/or Highway Foreman 6.

New Business 1.Appointments 1.Newspaper of Record 2.Meeting time 3.Town Legal Counsel 4.Animal Control Officer 5.Pound Keeper

6.Health Officer 7.Town fire warden 8.Emergency Management Coordinator 9.Service Officer 10.Tree Warden 11.Webmaster 12.Planning Board Member (2) 13.Zoning Board Member (2) 14.BCRC commission representative (1)

Old Business

8.Review of bills and signing of selectboard's orders 9.Review of correspondence