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The School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales students combine famous pop artist Any Warhol with the titular "Minions" from the recent movie.

BENNINGTON >> This year's art theme for grades K-4 is "Meet the Artist". Students were introduced to "Pop" artist, Andy Warhol who screen printed images of products that were popular with consumers like Campbell's soup and Brillo pads as well as screen printed images of famous Hollywood such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. In class, Sacred Heart Saint Francis 3rd and 4th grade students each created their own image of a Minion. This summer the Minion movie featured one of Andy Warhol's Campbell"s soup can images in one of its scenes. Minions were chosen for students to draw for their Warhol project, as they are popular today. Students used pastels and watercolors to create their art in an Andy Warhol fashion that are now displayed both at the SHSF Parish Center and the hallways of the school. However, students were able to visit the Bennington Sports and Graphics Store on Main Street where they were able to experience the screen printing process using their original art to screen the class' Minions onto a T-shirt.