WESTON - The Savvy Seniors performance by the Vermont Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) from the Community Of Vermont Elders that is coming to Wilder Memorial Library has been rescheduled.

Savvy Seniors has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 21 at 11 a.m.

The Savvy Seniors will be giving a presentation on healthcare error, fraud and abuse using humorous skit performances.

The half-hour long presentation will be held at Wilder Memorial Library and will be followed by a Q & A session on the topic of healthcare fraud. The program is free and open to the public.

For information, visit www.wildermemoriallibrary.org/programs/special-events/, visit Wilder Memorial Library's Facebook page, @WilderWeston, call (802) 824-4307, or email wilderweston@gmail.com.