MANCHESTER - Floral interpretations of master artists take center stage at the Garden Club of Manchester Standard Flower Show at Equinox Village (Terrace behind Shaw's Market) on Wednesday, July 17 from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

"Art in the Garden" is open to the public. Local musicians, the Emerald Valley Recorder Society, will complement the artistic theme. Entries will be judged and ribbons will be awarded following the National Garden Clubs, Inc. Schedule of Rules.

The Design Division consists of classes one to five Artists in the Garden: Dutch Masters, 17th Century Masters, Impressionism, the Hudson River School, and a Modern Artist. Exhibitors may create a traditional mass design or their choice of style.

The Horticulture Division consists of Sections A-F Artistic Media in the Garden. Exhibitors display cut specimens (tree or shrub branches, perennials, and container plants) which they have grown. The special exhibit, A New Easel, includes a display on the Boswell Botany Trail at SVAC and treasured houseplants belonging to Equinox Village residents.

All design classes and special exhibits are open to members of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Horticulture classes are open to any amateur gardener.

A schedule of rules may be obtained at Equinox Village.

A buffet lunch at $10 per person will be served from 12 until 2 p.m.

Those interested should make a reservation by July 13 with Christina Nichols at 867-2511.


Donations to benefit the GCM Scholarship Fund will be gratefully accepted at the door in lieu of an entry fee.