DANBY>> Mark Madison, proprietor of a long-time area computer technology business, has announced the changeover from Madison Computer Services, as his business was formerly known, to Dependable Web Services. Madison has been involved in computer hardware repair and user instruction for over 20 years, and upon attaining an advanced degree in 2006 from Marlboro College Graduate Center in Information Technologies, has also built and serviced websites for many area businesses.

The re-focus for his business reflects the changing trends of the technology of personal computing as well as the shifting needs of businesses and non-profit organizations for a state-of-the-art web presence across multiple platforms.

"So many small and medium businesses, especially, still have little knowledge of how to present themselves on the web," Madison said. "They may understand they need a website, but have no real idea of exactly what content and design would be most effective to increase their visibility and bottom line. That is where Dependable Web Services can be of service."

With the proliferation of ever-evolving devices such as smartphones and tablets, Madison says a thorough knowledge of up-to-the-moment technology is something most business owners do not have time to focus on, nor resources for in-house IT services. "This is a role that Dependable Web Services can fulfill at a reasonable cost, tailored to fit a business' budget," he said.


The types of customized assistance Dependable Web Services offers may be viewed at www.dependablewebservices.com and reached by phone at (802) 293-2525.