MANCHESTER - In an age when sugar is continuously unmasked as a health villain, this perfectly timed memoir chronicles the story of the Schaub family's 12 months without added sugar of any sort: no fructose, no refined cane, no molasses, no honey, no maple syrup, no corn syrup-in an attempt to live healthier and better.

Along the way, Eve Schaub became a sugar sleuth, science geek, and stand in for those who aren't quite ready to shun the sugar just yet. It's a fascinating experiment that reveals just how tightly many are held hostage by sugar, and what it takes to kick the habit.

Schaub has written about art for such publications as Camera Arts, Photovision Magazine, Vermont Life, Vermont Magazine and Afterimage; her personal essays have been featured many times on the Albany, N.

Eve Schaub
Eve Schaub (Steve Schaub photo)
Y. NPR station WAMC. She lives in Pawlet, Vt with her husband, two daughters, one cat, and five chickens.

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