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BBA showcases student creativity in dance, theater

MANCHESTER — Some talented, ambitious young actors, dancers and directors at Burr and Burton Academy have been hard at work creating original theater and dance pieces, and they're taking a big …
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MANCHESTERTown Meeting  dates setA number of dates have been set leading up to Manchester's annual Town Meeting on March 3. Jan. 29 is the last day to submit nominating petitions and consent …


Waite retires after distinguished military career

Young musicians chosen for festival

Magic experiences record start to ski season

Our opinion: Time to Green Up public access laws

If you've ever had the feeling that obtaining information about your government is hard to come by in Vermont, you're not alone. There are more than 260 exemptions carved into the state's public …

Letters to the editor
Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12

Correcting a mistakeTo the Editor,In last week's Manchester Journal you published my commentary entitled 'Tooting the Horn' about being proud of our town. Towards the end I said that the Visitors' …

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 5

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 22

Burr and Burton preps for 'Harvey'

MANCHESTER — Through the Burr and Burton Academy performing arts program, students learn not just how to act, but how to rely upon each other in the common goal of storytelling. Most recently, …

Manchester artist Musick launches show at Helmholz

Benefit concert honors the late Mark Hansen

Local sports

Bulldogs end 24-game winless streak

BENNINGTON — As the overtime period ticked away, the Burr and Burton girls hockey team was on the verge of doing something they hadn't since March 2016 — earn index points.So despite the …

2018 PyeongChang OlympicsPeru's Sophie Caldwell qualifies for Cross-Country squad

Journal SportsMANCHESTER — Northshire native Sophie Caldwell has qualified for the upcoming PyeongChang Olympics that start next month.Caldwell, from Peru, was one of three American skiers to …

Arlington gymCourt rendered unusable after flood

ARLINGTON — The extremely cold weather of the past week has caused one of the local schools to move their home basketball games for the rest of the season. The Arlington Memorial High School …

Morgantini joins Bucknell lacrosse

As Lydia Morgantini walked off the field for the last time in a Bulldogs uniform in May, she was unsure whether she would play in a regulation lacrosse game again. This fall, her doubts dissipated …

RSV - common, yet potentially dangerous childhood illness

It started out as a runny nose and a cough — typical cold symptoms.Then things took a turn for the worse.Courtney S. Martin noticed that her 19-month-old son, Calvin, was having coughing fits. …

'Locavore' is the word for 2018

Remember when Greek yogurt burst onto the scene and became an overnight sensation? Every year, food trends emerge from fine to casual dining, and even in the kitchen at home. For 2018, several …

Thom Smith | NatureWatch: Winter activity around bird feeders abounds

Q: Just saw [at] 10 a.m. at my feeder a new bird — sparrow/junco-sized; light gray body, darker gray wings, a pink, not red cap and a straight pointy beak. I looked online and in my field …

Dennis Mammana | Stargazers: Rise early for an excellent cosmic show

You stargazers can begin the new year with a celestial treat, but only if you're willing (and able) to rise before the sun. This week, four planets and the moon are performing a wonderful planetary …
Teflon Town
Teflon Town: ChemFab's Toxic Legacy

Teflon Town: ChemFab's toxic legacy is a five-part series on the history of the company in Bennington and the impact of water contamination from the factories on local residents.

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